admin April 30, 2020

When meeting a person, the first thing that catches your eye is his swollen arms and shoulders. It is not difficult to pump triceps for a woman and a man if you approach training and nutrition correctly. You can combine triceps workout with chest exercises. It is better to work these two muscle groups in one day. Using […]

admin April 20, 2020

The lion’s lobe of the arm consists of triceps. If this muscle group is behind, then the whole picture will not be very good. Therefore, the hands must be carefully worked out. Of particular difficulty is the work on the internal triceps. Triceps Brachii Anatomy Triceps consists of three bundles – the medial, most developed and strong, external […]

admin April 9, 2019

Actively introducing physical culture and sport into the everyday life of our family, we increase the level of physical fitness and thereby contribute to the development of basic physical qualities – strength, speed, endurance, as well as flexibility and agility. The most favorable period for the education of speed, flexibility and agility – children and […]

admin March 19, 2019

If your goal is to conquer the weight in the bench press? Then be sure to familiarize yourself with the training methodology, which will increase the current performance by 20 kg. In powerlifting one of the competitive exercises is the bench press. Very many athletes would like to increase their sports performance regularly. Today we […]

admin March 19, 2019

Welcome readers of our sports blog! There are warm days ahead, which means you can train outdoors in the courtyard. This article will share information on how to increase the number of pull-ups on the bar using various methods, what you need it for and what results can be achieved by following simple and effective […]

admin March 18, 2019

When it comes to building muscle and strength, the big three come to our rescue. Actually we are talking about three basic basic exercises that are included as mandatory disciplines in powerlifting. In bodybuilding, these three exercises are valued for the fact that with the help of them, you can build up huge human body […]

admin March 13, 2019

To carry out effective exercises for the development of muscles and lift more heavy weight, you should work on the development of strength. In the next article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the principles of increasing strength and go through our training program to develop muscle strength. What is the program to increase […]

admin March 12, 2019

  Bench press is not only one of the disciplines of triathlon, but also simply an indicator of human strength. Therefore, the question of how to increase the bench press is one of the most relevant for visitors to the gym. Bench Press for different purposes Each person, coming to the gym, sets different goals […]

admin March 9, 2019

Surely you saw on TV (at the time when it was not a shame to watch) various shows where men were shown pulling trucks, lifting cars and throwing huge boulders. It looked cool, a bit hasty, but everyone wanted to have at least some of the power that overseas heroes of streaming television used. At […]

admin March 4, 2019

If the muscles cease to grow, there is not enough speed in the run or the strength of impact – it is time to train the explosive strength. will tell you how to build a best tricep workout for size and choose the right exercises depending on your training. What is explosive strength Explosive […]