Month: February 2019

admin February 27, 2019

Learn how to increase muscle strength, which will lead to an increase in muscle volume and create a sporty, fit figure. In this article we will push the classical scheme of fitness and bodybuilding into the background and put at the very top of training rough methods of strength development, to decide how to increase […]

admin February 26, 2019

How to increase strength immediately? When you gain weight, there is always a moment when the muscles are already enough, but strength is not. Psychology explains it quite simply: every man wants to be the strongest! At the same time, according to the simple laws of physiology, the amount of force is determined by the […]

admin February 14, 2019

Strong forearms – one of the basics of bodybuilder’s or powerlifter’s training. Weak forearms will not allow to hold the barbell or dumbbells for a long time during training the back and biceps, limit weight in the bench press, etc. In bodybuilding, small forearms look very ugly and will not allow to take high places in […]

admin February 14, 2019

Muscle Milk protein powder is an advanced protein complex with great taste, charged with 32 grams of high-quality protein and first-class ingredients that provide a continuous flow of energy for an active lifestyle, inhuman performance and accelerated recovery! The content of the article: Muscle Milk Protein Powder by CytoSport Muscle milk pro series: LeanLipids – a […]

admin February 14, 2019

Muscles, their structure and meaning. Major muscle groups In the human body there is a huge number of all kinds of muscle groups, large, medium and very small. Most human muscles are visible beneath the surface of the skin, but there are also such muscles that are hidden under a layer of other external muscles. […]