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strength training

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To carry out effective exercises for the development of muscles and lift more heavy weight, you should work on the development of strength. In the next article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the principles of increasing strength and go through our training program to develop muscle strength.

Strength training

What is the program to increase strength?

This type of exercise will allow your body to progressively progress: first, you will learn to stimulate the motor units (connecting neurons with muscles), which is necessary for better development of strength and coordination.

There are various strength qualities:

  • maximum force is the ability of the neuromuscular system to lift the maximum weight (repeated maximum);
  • strength endurance is necessary to work on muscle relief or applying maximum effort for a certain time;
  • explosive power is important in sports such as sprinting or jumping;
  • speed strength or power in rugby or weightlifting (power x speed).

What exercises help to develop strength?

To develop the ability to lift heavier weights, you must first perform basic movements:

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench press (for chest muscles) and army bench press (for shoulder muscles)
  • Thrust rod in the slope

You can also do exercises with your own body weight:

  • Traction exercises
  • Push-ups on the bars
Strength training
Strength training

Strength increasing


An element such as load is important in increasing strength. If you want to train effectively, you must determine your re-maximum for each baseline exercise. This repeated maximum, or maximum load of strength exercises, corresponds to the maximum weight that you can lift or push with one movement. To determine it, you can contact your training partner. Before embarking on strength training, you must find the value of the maximum load in order to work on its increase during the subsequent sessions. The percentage value of the load and the load itself depend on the goals. For example, for a set of muscle volume, it is recommended to perform 75% -80% of the repeated maximum. To increase the strength, this ratio may be 85% – 100% of the repeated maximum.

Number of repetitions

In strength training, the number of approaches is determined by basic exercises (and not exercises for the muscles of groups, as in the case of a set of volume). A total of 21-25 repetitions of each movement are required. The recovery time between approaches can be 2-5 minutes (sufficient to replenish energy). The session of strength exercises is based on 5 approaches of 5 repetitions at 85%. For example, if your repeated maximum is 100 kg, the weight of the load on the bar should be 85 kg, and the number of repetitions should be 5. Rest for 2-3 minutes before the next set of repetitions of the same movement. For work on maximum power, the number of approaches should not exceed 5.

strength workout
Strength workout

Training frequency

For the development of strength is extremely important training frequency, the value of which is greater than their duration. In other words, it is better to spend 3 trainings on one hour, than one 3-hour training!

Special Strengthening Program

Before you begin your strength development exercises, mark your repeated maximum on the very first day of training: this will determine your maximum strength. Exactly one month later (at the end of the program), perform this test again to evaluate your progress.

Warm up: focus on the joints that bear the main load, such as wrists, elbows, shoulder joints. Spend a little warm up on the movement you are going to do. For example, make an approach of 15 repetitions with an empty fingerboard, before you begin the entry of exercises with weight. For each basic exercise that you will do in one go, gradually load the barbell to reach the 5×5 pattern at 85%.

Strength program

Duration: 1 month

Workout 1

  • Crouch, 5×5
  • Bench press, 5×5
  • Thrust rod in the slope, 5×5

Workout 2

  • Deadlift, 5×5
  • Army press, 5×5
  • Traction exercises, 5×5

Workout 3

  • Push Ups, 5×8
  • Thrust to the chin, 5×8
  • Exercise back on the simulator, 5×15
  • Plank on the front and lateral torso muscles, 5×45 sec
  • Exercises on the muscles of the shoulder girdle on the block (to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders) 3×20

Perform each basic exercise 2 times a week, giving yourself a minimum of 48 hours of recovery between each exercise.

Rest between sets
Rest between sets

To make your strength exercises more effective, you already know the basic elements and the benefits of increasing strength. Perform this program for a month, and you will definitely see your own success!