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When it comes to building muscle and strength, the big three come to our rescue. Actually we are talking about three basic basic exercises that are included as mandatory disciplines in powerlifting. In bodybuilding, these three exercises are valued for the fact that with the help of them, you can build up huge human body muscle groups. As you guessed, in today’s article we will talk about bench press, squats and deadlifts. Consider how they can be increased to achieve even greater results.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to perform these exercises indefinitely, as this can lead to stagnation, both physical and psychological. Of course, you can remove these basic exercises from your training program for a while, and start practicing a new training plan using alternative exercises. However, the alternative is only a replacement for the original. Therefore, I propose not to exclude the “big three” from its training program, but only to diversify it. This will help to increase the power performance in the bench press, the deadlift, and in a squat with a barbell.

The alternatives that we will consider now need to be implemented after the three main basic elements. That is, I made a bench press according to the standard technique, then I made an alternative variation of this exercise. This approach should be applied to each of the three exercises.

The advantages are that you are doing more work than before, due to which you progress. Due to small changes and corrections in the exercise technique, you will perform the original more correctly.

Deadlift (Variations)


A deadlift is a fairly hard exercise that involves a huge amount of muscle. These variations will help you to increase the deadlift in the classic version, as well as to increase your strength performance and gain muscle mass.

Deadlift using the platform

This option is for more experienced athletes and is designed to help increase the amplitude of the downward movement. To perform this exercise, you need to take four large pancakes that will serve you as a platform for the legs. Stand on the platform of pancakes, put the bar in front of you. Begin to perform deadlift in the standard technique. If you forgot how to properly do the camp, you can see this article here. When performing this variation, I recommend reducing the weight by 10-20 percent.

Romanian deadlift

In this case, you also need to lose weight by 10-20 percent and perform approximately 3-5 sets of 3-8 reps. To understand this exercise in more detail, I recommend that you follow the link.

Deadlift in racks

This option significantly reduces the amplitude of movement, since the rod itself is at a level just above the knee joint. Due to the reduced amplitude of movement, the weight can be taken much more than in the classic version.

Bench press (Variations)

Bench press
Bench press

Variations in order to increase the result in the bench press. Let’s look at how to increase the bench press and diversify this exercise. Very often, this basic element is overestimated. Of course, this is a basic exercise that perfectly develops the upper torso. However, due to the revaluation, this exercise is performed too often, forgetting about dumbbell presses, various isolating exercises, etc. However, that’s not the point. To diversify my forearm workouts for men and increase the weight in the bench press, I propose to make changes to your training plan and add several variations of this exercise. If you have a sufficiently intensive progress, you can even take part in competitions, and for this, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the official bench press standards here.

Bench press with a narrow grip

Make the grip narrower than in the standard version. This exercise will contribute to the development of triceps workout with dumbbells, which play directly an important role in the classic bench press. They help push the weight from the bottom. Therefore, if you pay due attention to the development of triceps, you can overcome the “plateau effect” and increase the step aerobic benefits in terms of weights. You can read more about this exercise by clicking on the link.

Bench press with a pause

The principle of this option is similar to squats with a pause at the lowest point. In our case, we will pause a little above the lowest point, at about five centimeters from the chest. You can use special bars with a height of 4-5 cm to make it easier for you to navigate.

Squats (Variations)

Barbell squats
Barbell squats

After you have already studied the classic version, and you are tired of it, you can use several options, which we will consider below to increase weights in squatting with a barbell.

Squats with a pause

Nowadays, bodybuilding has evolved to such an extent that there are already a lot of options for squats that help improve performance and build additional muscle mass. One of these options are squats with pauses.

During the squat, the athlete must pause at the lowest point for a few seconds, then with an explosive push to straighten the legs and return to the starting position. This is quite a difficult exercise, which is intended for more experienced athletes. At the lower point, when you pause, fast muscle fibers (BMWs) get the main load, while slow muscle fibers (MMB) help the body to stabilize in this position.

The more you do squatting with pauses, the more your brain gets used to using IIM, and also increases muscle mass gain in muscle stabilizers, which help keep the body in a certain position, balance and keep it motionless. Performing this exercise, you will increase your results in squatting with a barbell, and you will achieve the necessary progress in increasing your strength performance.

Squats with a barbell on the chest

This option will help balance the strength of the legs, increase the weight in standard squats and strengthen the upper back. This exercise is gaining momentum due to the increasing popularity of such sports activities as CrossFit. Also, it is an essential component of Olympic lifters. When performing this exercise, one should take an order of magnitude less weight than in standard squats with a barbell on the shoulders. More detailed this option can be found by clicking on the link.