admin April 30, 2020
tricep workout for women

When meeting a person, the first thing that catches your eye is his swollen arms and shoulders. It is not difficult to pump triceps for a woman and a man if you approach training and nutrition correctly.

You can combine triceps workout with chest exercises. It is better to work these two muscle groups in one day. Using special exercises, you can make your arms look tight and graceful.

Best Tricep Exercises For Women


Pumping triceps to a woman with dumbbells is not difficult. If you have several, then you can conduct workouts at home. One of the main exercises with dumbbells for triceps is extension in the elbow while sitting. You need to sit comfortably on a chair or bench, raise one arm above your head, while holding a dumbbell. Then bend your arm at the elbow, you will immediately feel how your triceps tightens.

A tilt exercise will also help a woman to tighten her triceps. You need to rest your knee in a chair or bench. Then rest with one hand on a horizontal surface, the back should be straight. Your dumbbell arm should be parallel to your body. Now bend your arm at the elbow, thereby acting on the triceps.

Triceps in women is one of the most important muscle groups. She pulls up her hands and makes them attractive. Many suffer from the fact that triceps hang a little and it is not beautiful. Do the exercises and you can pull it up.

How To Choose The Machine For Tricep Workouts For Women


Triceps machines for women are not so popular in the gyms. The best choice would be a cable row over the head. You need to turn your back to the cable machine and grab the handles to pull the weight from behind the head. This exercise is not as popular as with dumbbells, but if you want something new, try it.

It is very important to have a special training to strengthen triceps in women. Strong arm muscles will help in everyday life, make it easier. Triceps training is often combined with chest exercises. You can do the same.

Triceps training for women is best done with a trainer who can tell you the best exercises and equipment. If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, you can exercise at home. For training, you will need dumbbells or other weights. Perform the exercises described above and you can easily strengthen the triceps.