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Welcome readers of our sports blog! There are warm days ahead, which means you can train outdoors in the courtyard. This article will share information on how to increase the number of pull-ups on the bar using various methods, what you need it for and what results can be achieved by following simple and effective tips.

Why do you need a pull-ups

The simplest and most common sports equipment in the courtyards and on school grounds is the horizontal bar. Mistresses hang a carpet on it, children use a horizontal bar as a football goal, and you can use it to increase your strength indicators. Pulling up is a simple basic exercise that affects the entire body and trains endurance.

Pull-ups muscles worked
Pull-ups muscles worked

With regular not long meetings with a horizontal bar, you will quickly feel how:

  • the number of repetitions that you do in a single approach grows;
  • increases stamina, grip strength;
  • train the muscles of the fingers and hands become stronger.

As a bonus, you will strengthen the core muscles, you will become stronger, your back and arm muscles will appear (or become more expressive), you will not have scoliosis.

You can pull up with direct and reverse grip, medium grip (working back muscles, biceps, latissimus and brachial muscles), wide grip (trapezoid, round latissimus muscles), narrow grip (latissimus brachialis and dentate muscles).

Not every horizontal bar

Next, let’s talk a little about equipment. The horizontal bar should be firmly fixed, without cracks, chips, should not bend, so it is better to look closely at the horizontal bars and inventory of new sites. With a serious approach, you can use gloves or bandages to avoid rubbing corns, for beginners, you can connect a chair and elastic straps here to facilitate lifting.

If you can only hang on the bar and you want no one to watch this success, then you can work out the pull-up technique at home on the bar in the doorway. If there is a gravitron in your gym and you want to start training from scratch, then pay attention to it, this inventory gained popularity among girls.


Checking your pull-ups technique

Quantity, this is important, but the quality should not suffer, because our hands are one and they must remain in place. Basic rules for pulling up:

  • cannot be swayed during the pull-up;
  • keep the body upright;
  • up-exhale, down-inhale;
  • monitor the reliability of the grip;
  • do not jerk when driving;
  • when lifting with an average or narrow grip, the head should be above the crossbar and you need to touch the horizontal bar with your chin.

Pull ups progression

Escarpment in vertical pull-ups is equal to quantity. Add a second to the first pull-up, fix the result and move on, this is the task for beginners.

As any progress requires movement, the horizontal bar requires regular training. Let’s analyze the training program, the basics of which are suitable for any level.

  1. Do 3 times a week with a break of 1 day between training days.
  2. Perform 3 sets of each with a break of 20 seconds.
  3. Do not increase the repetitions by more than 1 for a comfortable adaptation of the body to the load.

1 month
(Mon) 1 training. 5, 4, 4 times.
(Wed) 2 training. 5, 5, 4 times.
(Fri) 3 workout. 5, 5, 5 times.
(Sun) 4 training 6, 5, 5 times.

In the following trainings, also add 1 repetition (up to 8, 8, 8 times), after which the whole circle repeats. So for the month passes the training cycle. This program is designed to develop strength and endurance.


For the development of pull-ups up to 30 times the scheme is suitable:

Week 1. 5 approaches 6, 5, 5, 4, 3 times
Week 2. 5 approaches 7, 6, 5,4,4 times.
Week 3. 5 approaches 8, 6, 5, 5, 4 times.
Week 4. 5 approaches 8, 7, 5, 5, 5 times.

Pulling up with the help of a ladder will help in the form of a game to increase their performance. The bottom line is to increase the number of repetitions by 1 with each approach to 10 (or more / less), and then decrease by 1. There should be 9 full circles of the “ascent-descent” ladder. This training program is suitable for practicing every other day and every new week add 1 repeat.

  • Week 1. (Mon, Wed, Fri, Wed) 1 approach: from 1 to 6 rest 1 min.  from 5 to 1 (and so 9 approaches).
  • Week 2. (Tue, Thu, Sat) 1 approach: from 1 to 7 rest 1 min. from 6 to 1 (and so 9 approaches).
  • And so on up to 10 repetitions.

When the body is ready for more serious loads, you can begin to pull up according to the “hundred” scheme. This is a free version of the pull-up, where it is important to do 100 repetitions for 1 workout. At the same time, it is possible and necessary to change the position of the arms and change the grip, pull up with additional weight to increase strength.

If you have a horizontal bar in your apartment or in a private house, then the method of frequent approaches during the day for 5-7 repetitions will be suitable for increasing the number of pull-ups. For example, you can pull up on 7 repetitions every half hour. In total, the whole day will be done 26 approaches and 182 repetitions without much effort.

For beginners, it is important to start and not abandon training, but what if one pull-up is not possible? You just need to hang on the bar 30-60 seconds for several approaches daily. Then you can go to the negative pull-up. To do this, you need to pull up as high as possible and stay in this position for 10-20 seconds. This technique will help develop biceps and back muscles, you check your endurance and willpower.


Toward the close of a few motivational tips:

  • Believe in your result, even if you hang on the bar as a sausage, everything comes with difficulty.
  • Rest between sets is very important for productivity.
  • It is necessary to follow the breath.
  • The crossbar should not be thin, the wide crossbar trains the arms.
  • During the illness, training will not bring results, and during recovery from injury, it even hurts.
  • If the plateau effect is reached, or all the vertices have already been reached, you can begin to pull up with weighting (a backpack with a load).

I think you received valuable information today and slightly revealed the potential of the yard horizontal bar. I hope that in a short time you will improve your performance and introduce your friends to it, it is more interesting to catch up together. Like this article? Share it with a friend and join us!