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The lion’s lobe of the arm consists of triceps. If this muscle group is behind, then the whole picture will not be very good. Therefore, the hands must be carefully worked out. Of particular difficulty is the work on the internal triceps.

Triceps Brachii Anatomy


Triceps consists of three bundles – the medial, most developed and strong, external and internal. Despite the fact that with any exercise aimed at working out the triceps, all of its bundles are involved, the load is distributed unevenly. And as a rule, the inside of the triceps is the weakest.

The main emphasis in the work on the internal triceps is required to be done on the technique of performing exercises, details, because, as you know, the devil lies in them. Basic lifestyles for everyone who wants to shape triceps, including its inner bundle.

They should be preferred already because the latter do not involve the use of large weights, while the fate of your inner triceps depends on the progression of the loads. At the same time, there are a number of specific features in the work on the internal triceps bundle. So, in the framework of a series of exercises, supination of the hand, and the abduction of the arm up or back will be useful.

Best Tricep Exercises To Build Huge Muscles


The internal triceps bundle works in a close grip press. An important point in this case is the location of the elbows: during the exercise, they should be drawn to the body. It may not be possible to take a lot of weight in this way, but in working out a proportional and pleasing triceps, it is indispensable.

It is worth noting that the work on the inner triceps bundle is grueling. In order to fully utilize the internal triceps, you must first exhaust the resource of the medial, and then the external beams. Thus, for a planned movement to the desired result, the load should remain high, but not excessive. Pumping up internal triceps is a long and complicated process, the main thing is to follow the technique, otherwise you can be injured.

The next exercise on the inside of the triceps is the French EZ bar press from behind the head or upside down. It is advisable to take it just after the previous one, when the glycogen in the muscle is already sufficiently exhausted. Getting started with the French bench press, remember: work with heavy weight in this case is inappropriate and often fraught with injuries.

Finally, push-ups on the uneven bars with a narrow grip, extension on the vertical block are no less effective. However, isolated exercises on the inner triceps head are indispensable. The most optimal during one training session lasting about an hour is the following scheme: one basic and several isolated exercises.

Tricep Muscles Workout Recommendations


Absolutely turning off the elbow joints from working on triceps increases the risk of injury in the long run. In addition, when performing the French bench press, do not lower the bar for the head too deep – the elbows should remain at the level of the head and be close to it.

Fundamentally important in pumping triceps is the ideal technique for performing exercises. Otherwise, you not only do not contribute to the mass gain, but also run the risk of “falling out” of the trainings due to various uncomfortable sensations.